The Lands Between

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Day 1 - A strange land with stranger company

The Journal of Tchazzar Tal’Amor

It’s been six months since I came to this forsaken land full of pompous knights and their bloody minstrels. Honestly, who is accompanied by two flutes and a harp wherever he goes? The minstrels play all bloody day, you think that would be enough practice, how are they not in tune? GODS.

Ahem… I digress.

Three days ago a fool of a thief fell from the top of a bell tower – and here I thought elves were supposed to be graceful. As the guards hauled his bloody body away, I thought him never to be seen again; how I ended up on a quest for Sir Music with that elf, a human swashbuckler and half-elf ranger is beyond my comprehension. Is this how adventures start? Nevertheless, it’s good to be out of the city for awhile with nothing but the open road ahead of us and four pissed off knights behind us. At least they have to walk.

I get ahead of myself.

By some strange (mis)fortune, my flat in the city was infested by bees – why is it always bees? The closest inn I could find had but one common room available; what the swashbuckler and ranger were doing at that inn and in that room is a mystery, maybe one best left unanswered. Fate seemed to have it in for us, however, as we all left the inn at the same time that Mr. Bell-Tower (Baab apparently) woke up in a nearby alley. Who knows how he got away from the guards – maybe he fell on them. We roused Baab in time for Sir Not-in-Tune to pass by. Somehow he became intrigued by our rag-tag band and invited us to a garden party – a garden party with the princess. The kingdom may want to reconsider whom they knight, unless it is customary to invite rugged, armed, and unknown street-people to rub elbows with the city’s noble elite. At least I knew some of them.

Inevitably, as so often happens with knights and drink, our band quickly became the subject of a wager between Sir High Horse and second knight with four would-be-champions. The bet: whatever group reaches a blasted-pit, picks a flower and gets back first, wins. Why couldn’t it have been for treasure? Nonetheless, we seemed to have nothing to lose by accepting.

We departed the next day with two bards in tow. The city was but a shadow on the horizon when Baab decided it was time to insult the honor of one of these would-be-knights. Cue a duel, if it can even be called that – I have to give it to Baab, he took the Red Knight down in a flash. This disgrace alone would have slowed our opponents down enough for us to win, but inspiration took us that night as Hobart Jr. (the ranger) took their horses. We’ll have to watch our backs.

It’s going to be a good adventure.

Ba'aB the Faller
He Pwns Falling

I am an epic faller. I don’t know how my falling originated, but I excel at it. My greatest achievement is now falling down a bell tower. I am awesome.


Blood Flower Challenge
We won!

Sir Oren placed his honor in us, and it paid off. After we stole the horses from that bunch of nancy boys it was an easy journey to gorge of the blood flower. Diego seems to have fallen asleep so we tied him to his horse, or was teleported out, or went on a drunken bender, or he just decided to sit and pout. As we were picking the flowers we noticed a cave that was begging to be entered. Upon entering we noticed a small tunnel and I bravely went first. After a short walk the tunnel expanded into large cavern with a pool of magma. Sensing a trap I darted into the room and deftly dodged the boulder three douchy groblins threw at me.

Tchazzar, Hobart and I made quick work, which was fortunate because about a dozen more of those little blue rats attacked us. We started out kicking some ass, but after being set upon by at least 17 groblins I was overwhelmed and knocked unconcious. Tchazzar and Hobart made a valient rally and Tchazzar saved my life with a healing potion. To thank him, I promptly decimated the remaining groblins and promised to by Menel a fancy new suit, or some hawk “tail,” or I suppose I could get Tchazzar some tail as well, though I doubt he would want hawk tail. Plus, I am awesome.

We quickly returned to Tintagalon in order to claim our prize. Tchazzar bluffed our way through the gate, and I made sure to keep the guard in ale for the week, and we returned to Sir Oren’s where we were given rooms, baths, clothes, and wenches.

During breakfast, Sir Oren confronted me about missing goblets. Unable to think quickly, I admitted to the theft and pledge to repay him. Damn it all. I repaid him more than I received from the goblets and promised to defeat anyone in combat for him. Hopefully that won’t bite me in the ass.

With nothing to do until the contest in 2 days, The Fallen and his companions decided to contact one of Birdman’s contacts to find work. Some moron had pissed of Lodouche and we were contracted to free him. That night we scaled the walls of a warehouse and attempted to sneak the moron out. Our diversions failed and we needed to kick some ass. Fortunately one of the guards managed to break his crossbow, charge me, lodge his axe into the door I was standing against, and kill the guard standing on the other side of the door. Smooth. Tchazzar manage to distract one of the guards long enough for the three of us to clear the barn. The guard captain was a huge bastard. My swords failed me and Birdman’s magic missles and Hobart’s sword were able to dispatch him after an epic battle.

We looted the guards, I carried out the target, and we burned down the warehouse.

Unfortunately I did not live up to my name and I failed to fall even once. Epically terrible.

Next, The Tournament!


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